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Don't go through unnecessary expenses for your hot tub and spa

Hot Tubs

We repair hot tubs when they're down.
Return your heart to your tub.


We inspect and repair many different part of the spa.
Don't spend thousands on un-necessary repairs.

reach to us

Don’t hesitate to contact us. If you need any inspections, repairs, or services on your hot tub, feel free to let us know whenever you need it.

put your heart back in your tub

We look forward to servicing your hot tub. Our Motto is: “your job is to enjoy your hot tub, our job is to keep your hot tub 100% operational”. If you are in need of hot tub services, call Hi Tech Spa LLC for more information.

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For every hot tub and spa we repair, we put all our heart and will into. We like to imagine that the tub we are repairing, is for ourselves so we always do the best we possibly can.​